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Flooring Installation Overview

image of flooring tools

image of flooring tools

American Carpet One is the only retail flooring store in Hawaii that offers in-house installation. Our flooring installers are certified and will install all of our products (with the exception of ceramic tile) to the manufacturer's specifications. This ensures that all protocols are followed and that you will get the most out of your flooring purchase. For more information and pricing, please use the link below to contact us about our installation services.

Carpet: Your carpet will be pulled away from the floor along with the padding beneath it and tack strips, if used. It can create a considerable amount of dust depending on how old your carpeting is. All furniture should be removed from the room prior to the arrival of professionals, and a clear walkway should be provided for installers to remove the old carpeting and bring in the new material. We will disposed of your old carpet.

Once the old carpet is removed, new padding will be installed and then the new carpet will be applied. Your installers will let you know what the limitations and care for your carpet is upon completion.


Hardwood and Laminate: If you have traditional hardwood floors in your home and are installing new hardwood, expect a certain amount of dust and debris to be produced as the old floor is removed. Professional installers always have a specific method of how they remove flooring, but it can create some disruption within your home until the project is complete. Always be sure to remove all furniture prior to their arrival. Be sure to provide a clear path for workers to remove flooring from the interior to the exterior. Hardwood and laminate floors will both have debris to be removed.


Installation: Traditional hardwood and Laminate floors will both require a good subfloor for installation. Installers will assess the need to apply a new subfloor or address specific spots in order to ensure a level place for the new flooring to be applied. Hardwood floors are generally applied using a special nail gun for flooring, and laminate floors are more often applied using adhesives and snap-together joints. Both methods will produce small pieces of falloff as cuts are made, and a considerable amount of sawdust can be produced as well.


Vinyl: Laminate floors come in a variety of installation applications but, regardless of which one is selected, the existing floor will need to be prepared properly. If it is carpet or some other type of flooring that needs to be removed, all debris will be discarded. After that, the installation crew will prepare the subfloor and make sure that it is level and address any imperfections. (bumps, divots, etc.)The surface will need to be dry and clear of any debris, dust, or moisture. Depending on which brand is selected, the installers will apply an adhesive to some or all of the vinyl strips being installed and make necessary cuts on the floor to ensure a proper fit and look.


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