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Cork Flooring

image of luxury living room with cork flooring
image of luxury living room with cork flooring

Cork floors are flexible and shock absorbent. It is easier to stand on for long periods of time, and also has sound-dampening qualities.

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image of cork in luxury kitchen image of cork in dining area image of cork flooring planks image of cork in dining room

Environmental Impact
- Cork is a long-term renewable resource and its harvest is closely regulated and monitored.

Health Benefits
- Cork flooring is mold, mildew, and rot resistant, and it also won't gather dust. This makes it especially attractive to those with allergies.

- This flooring style comes in many different tones and textures, and can also be dyed to match a custom color palette.

- Cork has great resiliency, but if it is not cared for properly and is treated roughly, larger dents and divots caused by moving heavy chairs or tables can cause damage to the surface.

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