Waterproof flooring installation in a Honolulu, HI home

What is waterproof flooring?

Most homeowners know waterproof flooring as a floor covering that protects against all kinds of water damage, even in basement areas and sometimes in flood conditions. But what is it?

Today, we are going to answer that question quickly. Read along to find out what this floor covering is and how it can benefit you.

Waterproof flooring might surprise you

Many different materials can fall under the waterproof label, but waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is easily one of the most popular. These floors feature a unique core layer that gives them the ability to withstand spills, splashes, humidity, and dampness without taking on any water damage at all.

The core layers can consist of either wood plastic composite (WPC) or stone plastic composite (SPC), with SPC being more rigid than WPC. Wood or stone byproducts are mixed with composites and other materials to create a layer that now swells, peels, crack, or warp, which means your floors will function far better, even under extreme circumstances.

If you have rooms that need this type of protection or have pets or children in your home, it's worth taking a second look at waterproof floors. In addition to outstanding protection from water damage, they also provide attractive visual options, exceptional durability against daily wear, and a lifespan that can average about 20 years with proper care.

Find your waterproof floors today

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