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How long does a carpet installation take?

If you're looking into a new carpet flooring for your home, you're likely to wonder how long the carpet installation might take. There is no precise answer, but rather a collection of factors that create a specific experience based on your situation, so let's look at some now.

Carpet installation facts

Installing your carpet does require more time than some other products, such as laminate or luxury vinyl. However, it's hard to put a specific time frame on the task without considering your options.
For instance, if you only need carpet for one room, the installation will be finished much quicker than if you have three or four rooms where installation is required. But other factors can play a part in this service as well.

If you have stairways that need carpeting or have oddly shaped rooms, that will add more time to your installation because we want the results to be perfect. We can discuss exact installation time frames when you finalize your selection of new flooring.

On average, 1,000 square feet can be carpeted in roughly a day. Preparation, including removal of old carpet and furniture, might take a day as well, so the entire process can usually be completed in a day or so if there are no other odd circumstances.

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