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Here are how solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring really looks

Choosing perfect hardwood flooring sometimes comes down to solid hardwood flooring vs. engineered hardwood flooring. The differences between the two could mean that one is better for you than the other, or you might even choose to use both, for different spaces in your home.

Deciding which materials are best for you can be accomplished by choosing a trustworthy hardwood flooring store and speaking at length with one of the professional associates about your specific needs. This gives a much clearer picture of exactly what you can expect from either material.

Hardwood floors are worth the experience

When figuring out solid hardwood flooring vs. engineered hardwood flooring, it does take a little research and time devoted to learning about these materials. However, the result will be well worth the effort expended. Finding a floor covering that truly meets your desires and requirements for flooring is a benefit.

Choose from a variety of species options to make sure your in-house traffic levels are met with the proper resistance. This not only assures that you'll see the least amount of wear, but also that your floors will meet their expected lifespan with ease.

You must remember that hardwood flooring is never a proper install for rooms such as basements because they are below grade. Engineered flooring, however, is a perfect alternative, as they don't react in the same ways to humidity, dampness, and temperature changes.

Both floor coverings offer your choice of species, stain color, and finish, however, you are a bit more limited in engineered flooring. You can also refinish both materials. Solid wood can be refinished several times, while the number of times engineered flooring can be refinished is dependent on the thickness of the real wood veneer.

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