Beautiful carpet flooring in a Honolulu, HI living space

Carpet FAQ: Answers to the most commonly asked questions

While carpet is a popular flooring choice for your Honolulu home, there are myths and misconceptions galore that we want to address.

Can I have a carpeted floor if I have allergies

Yes. According to the Carpet & Rug Institute, the trade association for the North American carpet industry that conducts extensive research, this flooring improves indoor air quality.

Vacuuming only gets the surface dirt and doesn't get deep into the fiber. Rather than floating around the air, dirt and debris get trapped in the fibers where they'll remain until it is steam cleaned.

What if I have pets?

Modern technology has developed fibers that are extra durable and even have permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. No reason people with pets can't have carpet floors.

Is it outdated

No! The color palettes have expanded, even for the shag rug that was once known for the iconic brown, gold and green hues. Now you can get them in every color from red to purple and mixed tones.

Technology has also created digital printing. Not long ago, patterns were the tips of fibers, but now it goes all the way through the fiber, resulting in more vibrancy that never fades.

Do I need padding

Yes, and not all carpet padding is the same and when it's not the right one it can cause harm. It should be no more than 7/16-inch thick, no less than ?-inch and weigh between six to eight pounds per cubic density.

Don't accept whatever is thrown in the bag at the time of purchase; ask the retailer for the best one for your flooring.

How do I know it's high quality

Don't go by weight but, rather, by density, how closely the fibers are woven together. Bend a sample card backward. If you see a lot of white space, it's not of high quality.

What does it mean when my rug wrinkles

It needs to be re-stretched and you should call for service.

it's possible that the installation wasn't done correctly in the first place. Many manufacturers insist that a carpet stretcher be used to make it taut, but sometimes a technician will use a knee-kicker. These are tools to be used only in small spaces, like the closet.

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